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Sunday Mornings 11am
Family Church
Communion 3rd Sunday

Sunday Evenings 6pm
Celebration Service
Communion 1st Sunday

Tuesday 09.30am - 11.30am*
Parents & Toddlers at the Church

1st Tuesday 7.15pm
Christians for Bedwas
Prayer Meeting at The Rock

2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays 7pm
Prayer Meeting at the Church

Wednesday 2.30pm
Ladies Fellowship at the Church

2nd Wednesday 7pm
Church Fellowship Evening

1st Thursday 7.15pm
Bible Study at The Rock

Friday 4.30pm*
Whizzkidz At The Church
(Ages 3 - 7 years)

Friday 6pm*
Rock Solid At The Church
(Ages 8 - 11 years)

Friday 8pm*
B3 At The Church
(Ages 11 upwards)

* Term time only

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Sun 5th Feb 3.30pm

Messy Church

Arts, crafts, games and bible stories! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wed 8th Feb 7.00pm

Fellowship Night

Join us to hear about the work of Samaritan's Purse, with Tony and Lynn Mccarthy.

Pastor Mike Edwards and the late Mrs Ruth Edwards
Mike Edwards became the part-time Pastor in 1982, while working for Barclays bank, he then became the full-time Pastor in 1988. Mike has retired from being the full timePastor and now works part-time.

Mike and Ruth were married in 1972 and have two adult children; 1 son presently living in New Zealand and the other son living locally. They have two grandsons in New Zealand. Ruth was a Civil Servant all her working life, but went to be with the Lord in November 2015 after a brave battle with cancer.

Mike relaxes by working in the garden.

Mike is committed to the local church, and The Rock's ministry, which takes up quite a lot of his time.

Mike's Ministry centres on God's Word; preaching, worship, evangelism and prayer. He has a heart for revival in Wales.

Mike has a keen sense of humour!

Pastor's Message Spring 2013

(from Church magazine)

When I was a young married man with two small boys, our friends invited us to share a cottage in West Wales over the Easter period. It would have been the first time our family were not present at our home Church for the Easter Services but the thought of a long weekend away was so alluring we went, on condition, Easter Sunday morning we would go to Church. Sadly when we arrived at the Church in the village it was closed. So we missed the Easter Celebration in Church. We were so disappointed and felt robbed and despite a lovely long weekend away with friends, we knew something for us was missing. We couldn’t celebrate with other Christians the death and Resurrection of our Lord. We vowed never to go away at the Easter weekend again as we felt it was so important to remember His Resurrection in our own Church amongst our fellow believers. We’ve never missed it in over 30 years, and we have no regrets. For us Good Friday and Easter Sunday is about His life, death and resurrection and it’s important to remember and worship Him. Of course, this is how God spoke to us. It was a valuable lesson because unbeknown to us He had plans for our lives to serve Him at our home Church as Pastors and it would be my privilege to be there for others to give thanks for the Risen Saviour. It has always been a joy.

Just before Christ’s trial and crucifixion He spent most of the time together with His best friends, the disciples. They laughed and cried together as they reflected on the last three years of work - the healings, the stories, the people they had met. They made so many friends but also many enemies.

One night Jesus walked with his friends to Gethsemane. It was there that the horror of what laid before Him really hit Him. He knew His death was imminent. He broke down and wept as He agonised over what was to come. He prayed for hours, to prepare Himself for what He had to face in the next 24 hours. He knew that only in His death could He bring us life. He was arrested, abandoned by friends, interrogated, and falsely accused. Spat upon and condemned. He was sentenced and crucified. He died and was buried after Pilate was convinced of His death. What a sacrifice!

What an eventful time but no-one had any idea of what was about to happen - RESURRECTION.

Death, defeat and tragedy turned to triumph - "He Arose, Hallelujah, Christ Arose".

Looking back we ask "How could his friends desert Him - abandon Him?" but they did. BUT HE DID NOT ABANDON THEM.  He came back from the dead. He was Alive again just as He promised. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life - God’s way of Salvation. He did not abandon us. Hallelujah - What a Saviour.

Coming back to my Easter holiday over 30 years ago, I felt I had abandoned Him for my own selfish purposes. I did feel guilty but it helped me to value more the time set aside at this special time and I’ve never regretted staying here each Easter. We have gone on holidays from Easter Monday onwards but we’ve gone rejoicing in our hearts that we serve a living Saviour and God has been so good to us.

Have a wonderful Easter rejoicing in the Resurrection.



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